Policies & Procedures

We require that you spay/neuter your pet in order to maintain the purity of the Bernedoodle bloodline and prevent unplanned pregnancies and puppies that have no homes!
We also require the dog be kept up to date on vaccines, grooming, and flea and tic preventative. Other than that, we ask that you give your puppy the love and attention he/she deserves, being as good of a person as your dog considers you to be.

If there comes a time when you can no longer care for your pet for whatever reason- email us! We will help find him or her another loving family. We require dogs be returned to us if ever there comes a time you are unable to continue to care for them.

To see our full contract, click here.



To get on a waitlist for your pup, fill out our puppy application and submit a $300 reservation fee sent via Zelle. This fee goes toward the total purchase price of your puppy. The remaining balance will be due on selection day when puppies are 5-6 weeks old. We will try our best to respond to your application within 24 hours, and may have follow-up questions for you. Once your reservation fee is received, you will be placed on the waitlist. We add to the waitlist in the order we receive reservation fees.


We host selection day at our home when puppies are 5-6 weeks old. You are welcome to come select your puppy in person. If you are unavailable to come in person, we also offer FaceTime appointments. Each appointment will last for 45 minutes. Appointments are scheduled in order of the waiting list. You are not required to select a puppy if you choose to come to selection day. If you don't connect with a puppy and see him/her fitting into your family, you can still choose to pass and wait for the next litter.


In order to be fair to everyone on the waiting list, it is our policy that each family will get two "free passes" on litters without affecting waiting list position. On the third time a family chooses to pass, the family will move to the bottom of the waiting list. This does NOT apply to families who get on the list with a specific future time frame in mind. For example, if you put down a deposit to get on the list today for a puppy in the spring of 2021, you will not be counted as having "passed" on a litter until spring of 2021.


We accept payments via Zelle, check or cash. 


A 6.25% state tax will be added to the total purchase price of every puppy.


If paying via Zelle or with a check, final payment will be due when you come to select your puppy on selection day. If paying cash, final payment must be received by the time you take your puppy home.