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Welcome to Lonestar Bernedoodles!

Who are we?
We are a family living just outside Dallas, Texas. We work as physicians, teachers, researchers, videographers, finance professionals and, most importantly, dog raisers! In addition to our Bernedoodles and poodles, we also have a Goldendoodle, a Bichon Frise, an Australian Shepard and a Shih Tzu. We also foster dogs of various breeds.


How did we get started?

We got our first Bernedoodle when I (Savannah) was in college and we all fell in love instantly! Everyone commented on how sweet, beautiful and well-mannered she was. We agreed: she was perfect! We got another one... and then another one. As our passion for the breed grew, so did our interest in breeding what is, in our opinion, the best family dog there is. We do not breed full time. We simply love the Bernedoodle and wanted to be part of helping families find their perfect, healthy furry new family member in the south.

Why Bernedoodles?
The Bernese Mountain Dog is a gentle giant. The breed is well-known for being loyal, great with kids, having an excellent temperament, and getting along well with other dogs. The only downsides we find with purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs are the shedding, which can cause problems for people with allergies, and the short lifespan, which can be heartbreaking. That's why we breed the Bernedoodle- the Poodle mix eliminates most of the shedding found in Bernese Mountain Dogs, and generally makes for a healthier dog with a longer life expectancy. Poodles are smart and protective, but not aggressive. The combination of the two breeds makes for the perfect family pet.

Are our dogs healthy?
Yes, of course! Our puppies are examined thoroughly head-to-toe by a licensed veterinarian and will be dewormed and vaccinated when you come to pick them up. All our dogs undergo rigorous health testing. For more information on our testing, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page. They are also kept on monthly flea and heart worm preventatives, receive vaccines and get annual checkups, as well as additional checkups before and after delivering puppies. Breeding only one or two litters at a time ensures our pups get plenty of attention and are socialized by spending time with our family, friends and other dogs in the house. Our dogs play freely in our large backyard but live inside with us and can often be found curled up by us on the couch or sharing a pillow in our beds.

Meet OUR Family

our family, the breeders

Savannah and Alex

Savannah and Alex are a young married couple with a problem-- they're obsessed with dogs. Okay, so it's mostly Savannah, but her amazingly patient and loving husband supports her obsession and ultimately falls in love with every dog she brings home. They currently live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and handle the social media, communication, marketing, and finance aspects of the business. They have raise smaller litters in their home in Tulsa, but also travel to Texas to help with whelping, selection day, and pickup day as much as possible.

our family, the breeders

Monica and Todd

Monica and Todd are the heart and soul behind Lonestar Bernedoodles. They are patient, kind, selfless, and willing to invest in their daughter's crazy interests. Monica in particular is OBSESSED with her dogs. She's usually sitting on the floor with them, or following them around the yard commenting on how cute they are. Todd is our in-house carpenter, handyman, and comedian. If we ask for it, no matter how crazy or complicated, he finds a way to bring our vision to life. We wouldn't be anywhere without these two.

our family, the breeders

Sierra and Shayna

The day to day operations and puppy care would not be possible without Sierra. She is hands on with cleaning, bathing, vet trips, playing and taking all our awesome pictures. Sierra also handles the social media, communication, marketing, and finance aspects of the business more and more now that our family is expanding with the first grandchild of the family being born!

Shayna is in college out of state, but has one of our mamma dogs living with her full-time and comes home to join Sierra in doing the day-to-day tasks during school breaks. These ladies may be more "behind the scenes," but they are instrumental to raising our puppies!

Our Yard and Whelping Room

*pictures of the whelping room coming this summer/fall*

Lonestar Bernedoodles


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