Meet Our Doodettes

Bernedoodle Girls

Maggie is our tri-colored mamma and our smallest dam. She is so spoiled and loves to spoil her humans right back- especially her new baby brother! She never goes too long without checking in on him, but she still loves playing with her human parents. Maggie lives with one of our amazing guardian families.
Aspen has so much personality and always keeps her humans lauging and on their toes. She loves sleeping under her mom's desk at work and chasing her human brother around the house. Aspen lives with one of our amazing guardian families.
Remi is a standard F1 Bernedoodle who lives in one of our amazing guardian homes. She has human siblings who she adores, and she loves playing with them. She's so much fun and is such a good girl.
Rye is a Golden Mountain Doodle who is fearless and playful, taking life without a second thought. She loves to play in the mud, climb on your head in the car, and is always making us laugh. She rolls over every time you walk by hoping for a belly rub, and she befriends every dog and human she meets in seconds.
Momo is an F2 mini Bernedoodle. Momo is a hot mess who fakes limping for attention, and melts as soon as you pick her up. She is an absolute doll, loves cuddles, and is impossible not to love! Her best friend is her goldendoodle brother and she loves cuddling with him. She lives with one of
us in our home.
Oakley is an F1 mini Bernedoodle we are thrilled to have as part of our program. She is loving, wild, and adorable. She likes to sleep on your pillow right on top of your head and is always down to play or cuddle. Oakley loves all people and animals and has never met a stranger.
Tatum is a tri merle girl who is still a pup. She has one blue eye and one brown eye! She loves napping on the couch with her humans, sleeping on their heads while sharing their pillows, and playing with her toys. She is hilarious, loving, and a great companion. She lives in one of our wonderful guardian homes.
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Bernese Mountain Dog Girls

Ella is a petite girl at only 65 pounds. We got her from another breeder and we hit the jackpot! She is such a good, gentle girl, and loves sitting at our feet for pets. Her favorite things are belly rubs and romping around outside with the other dogs. She lives with a wonderful guardian family.
Espy is sweet, goofy and smart. She prefers to stay out of the rain so her paws stay clean, would rather be outside if it's cooler than 75 degrees, and thinks she's a lap dog. She'll guide you around the yard with your hand in her mouth if you'll let her, and is a giant softie.
River is our biggest Bernese girl. At 90+ pounds she thinks she's a lap dog and she's the first to crawl up in your lap when you sit down. She loves to lay on the tanning ledge in the pool and loves other dogs. She is living the good life in one of our amazing guardian homes.
Adelweiss is an Australian Mountain Dog. Her DNA test shows she is 25% Australian Shepherd and 75% Bernese Mountain Dog. She is the most playful of our Berners, but she also LOVES to give lots of cuddles and kisses! She will sit right in your lap if you let her. She is the BEST with puppies. She has a sweet disposition and is eager to please.
Rose is an AKC Bernese Mountain Dog female. She's is as sweet as can be. Her favorite activity is cuddling, and she will lay on you all day! She also loves to play, especially with the other dogs. She has a special bond with Birdie - they could spend all day in the yard playing when the weather is nice. She lives in one of our amazing guardian homes.
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Poodle Girls

Denali is a total love bug and diva. She loves to cuddle and be held, doesn't like her paws getting wet, and prances around like a true poodle. She's super smart, and is excelling in her training. Her favorite humans are her siblings. Denali lives in one of our amazing guardian homes.
Little Maggie is an AKC miniature poodle with great red markings. She weighs a whopping 10 pounds, so she will NOT be having Bernedoodles. Little Maggie is an absolute sweetheart. She's spunky, playful, and fast! She also loves to be carried around by her humans. She is living in one of our amazing guardian homes.
Birdie is so much fun! She is playful and spunky, especially with her human brothers and other dogs. She's friendly and confident, adapting easily to new situations. She also loves to snuggle and won't hesitate to climb right up next to you on the couch for some pets. She is living in one of our amazing guardian homes.
Miss Diamond Gucci is a brown phantom parti poodle who is new to our program. She's playful, sweet, and of course, in true poodle fashion, prancy. She is a future mom who lives in one of our wonderful guardian homes.
Prim is a phantom poodle who carries parti. She is on the smaller side, and we expect her to be 45-50 pounds. She is full of energy and zest. She loves to play, spend time outside, and follow you around the house at your feet. Prim lives in one of our amazing guardian homes.
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