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Standard Bernedoodles and Golden Mountain Doodles (F1, F1b, F2, multigen)

Standard Bernedoodles are 60+ pounds. Ours average between 70-75 pounds. Click here for expected sizes of each upcoming litter.

Tri-color, bi-color, solid, phantom, sable, and parti are $3500

Merle puppies are $4000

Mini Bernedoodles (F1b, multigen)

Mini Bernedoodles are 30-50 pounds. 

Tri-color, bi-color, solid, ​phantom, sable, and parti are $4000

Merle puppies are $4500

Micro Bernedoodles (F1b, multigen)

Mico Bernedoodles are 20-30 pounds. 

Tri-color, bi-color, solid, ​phantom, sable, and parti are $4500

Merle puppies are $5000

Mini Poodles

Our Mini Poodles will be 8-14 pounds

Tri-color, bi-color, solid, phantom and parti puppies are $3000

Merle puppies are $3500

Bernese Mountain Dogs

All puppies are $3500

State Tax

A 6.25% sales tax will be added to the prices listed above for all puppies.

Breeding Rights and Stud Services

Unless otherwise specified and outlined via contract, all our puppies are sold as PETS ONLY with a strict spay/neuter agreement. We are willing to discuss selling our dogs with breeding rights. Decisions will be made on an individual basis. We will only sell a dog with breeding rights to small, IN-HOME breeders. We will NOT sell to breeders who utilize kennels.

We are no longer offering stud services.

Lonestar Bernedoodles


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