Family Reviews

Maisel has been the most wonderful addition to our family. Everyone who meets Maisel instantly falls in love with her and her infectious enthusiasm for absolutely everything. I have never known such a happy go lucky dog, or one with quite her sense of humor! Even as I write this, I can hear Eddie laughing at her in the next room. Because she loves to eat so much, she has been very easy to train (I just use her daily kibble ration). She was very easy to house break and she knows how to sit, down, stay, shake, high five, wave, and give me a kiss! One of the things I love most about my first bernedoodle is that while she loves to play hard, she really doesn't have the endurance of a more active poodle mix. It is great that we can take her to the neighborhood dog park for just 20 minutes and she will immediately come home and sleep for hours. More than anything, Maisel is a giant fluffy cuddle monster who just wants to be physically close to me at all times. She just turned 8 months and is 65 pounds, so I imagine she will end up somewhere in the 70s. 

Cooper is now 8 months old and 70 pounds.  He’s still growing so who knows how big he’ll get, guessing 75ish pounds.  He’s a bundle of joy, always clowning around, loves to play ball, and he’s very social with other dogs.  He has decided he does not like the water, and he has a very ferocious bark that is more of an announcement to the neighborhood dogs that Cooper is outside than anything else.  We are having fun training him and hope to have him certified as a support animal eventually.  He’s very smart, eager to please, and a snuggler too.  As you can see from one of the photos, he loves to raid the dirty clothes basket in the closet.  lol


Can’t say enough good things about Lonestar Bernedoodles.  They produce beautiful pups that grow into unique and loving companions.  Lonestar Bernedoodles is part of our family now.  

There are so many great things we could say about our little pup. The joy he has brought our family is immeasurable, but here are some of the highlights about Burk!  Burk can be the sweetest and cuddliest puppy if he is tired! Otherwise, Burk loves to play with toys (his favorite is an old sock from his uncle Drew), go for walks and to the dog park, and his favorite thing to do is disrupt his (Maltese) brother Charlie’s naps! He is super lazy in mornings and loves to cuddle. He hates loud noises, the hair dryer (for obvious reasons), and his own shadow! He has never destroyed a toy, and his best friend is my parents’ 5 pound Maltese puppy!  Our doodle is about 65 pounds at 8 months! We have nothing but good things to say about our experience with Lonestar Bernedoodles. They were great with updates on the puppies before they were ready to bring home, and have always been extremely fast in responding to emails. We’ll definitely planning on going through them again in the future when we’re ready for another puppy!

Wrigley is simply amazing.  She's goofy and very sweet, loves to play and cuddle equally, and she's smart and determined.  She was potty-trained by 4 months old, but to be fair for future LBD families, I should note that someone was home every day and had her on a strict training schedule.  The only "issue" we had was her sleeping - she cried every night until we figured out that she needed company, which, when compared to Oliver, we think is because you guys treated the puppies like family, not just like breeders.  We had tried using a heartbeat sound machine (worked when Oliver was a puppy), tried putting stuffed animals in her crate, tried keeping her crate next to someone's bed, nothing worked, but once Oliver agreed to sleep IN the crate with her, she immediately slept through the night.  It's been a fun 5 months with her as part of our family.  Although Oliver is our only other breeder experience, we think you guys are wonderful because it's obvious Wrigley came from a loving and secured environment.

Nancy has been a dream puppy - she was easy to crate and potty train, knows all of the basic commands and a few others too, and has recently passed the Good Canine Citizen test and is on her way to becoming a therapy dog! I am a therapist who works with kids who have experienced trauma, and Nancy has been the perfect addition to our therapy team. Her personality is very sweet, she prefers to be with humans and loves to snuggle. She’s great with infants and toddlers, loves the dog park, and gets stopped regularly because of how cute she is!

Sweet Ames! Life is so much more exciting with him in it. His constant, contagious smile is guaranteed to make you feel good and want to snuggle. Ames is easy going, but loves to run and play every opportunity he gets. He’s a smart, goofy puppy who was named the “Gentle Giant” in his puppy class because he looks big, but has a real gentleness about him. Of course, he is anything but gentle when he’s running around chasing his friends, or flying down the stairs like superman. Ames loves his daddy, Santo, and Santo puts up with him most of the time. At seven months, Ames is 63 pounds and solid as a rock. Someday soon Ames will be a big brother as we plan to adopt a Bernedoodle Sister!!  Thank you Maple and Santo for our beautiful boy Ames!! You two did good!!!

Otto is such a lovable goofball! His favorite activities are galloping in the backyard, playing tug of war with his 9 pound puppy brother Cooper, and playing in the mud while it’s raining. He's been very attune to training, but he's got some work to do like most puppies. Otto doesn’t have one mean bone in his body and is loved by all. He is the happiest boy and we love him so much!

We could not be happier with our Lula girl. She is so snuggly and caring and curious about everything. She was such a well behaved pup and thinks she’s one of us hoomans. Never meets a stranger! 

Piper Mae Laird; Hyper Piper; Pipes; Spaz McGee

Piper is the best addition to our little family. The moment we brought her home, she and Bailey (her older sister) were inseparable. From the time she's awake in the morning, she's zero to 100, but she is the sweetest cuddle bug when she's tired. Thank you, Lonestar Bernedoodles, for giving us the best puppy! We love our little wild child!

Our experience with Lonestar was nothing short of exceptional. From the time we got on the waiting list, to picking out Piper, to picking her up in Lufkin (by the way they drove around 3 hours to meet us half way), and every time after, they have been amazing and so caring. They genuinely care about their puppies before, during, and after after they leave their home in Dallas.

Hi Savannah! I write as I watch Ivy sleep after returning home from her spaying, sweet girl that she is!!! Ivy is pushing 60 lbs at a little more than 6 months. She is an amazing addition to our family of 6 human kids and 4 fur babies. Ivy loves all creatures, big and small, but is particularly taken with Cleo, the kitten. She loves all her people very much, but her favorite place to be is on her dad's lap. She is an irreplaceable member of our family!

Bailey is doing great and is very much her mommy’s girl. I work from home so we’re together all day. My husband says we should change her name to Shadow!

She’s been doing very well with training, too. She has learned Sit, shake, high five, lay down and almost has stay. Walking on a leash is still a little difficult as she thinks she needs to walk me 😂 She also loves to play soccer, which is so cute. We can kick the ball around and she kicks with her front paws, too. Overall She’s so much fun with lots of personality and a sweet sweet part of our family.

Still not sure what her hair is going to do, but it’s so soft still. Everyone who sees her comments on how beautiful she is.

Mr. Finnegan is just the greatest! We are loving every moment with him. He is super cuddly and has no idea he’s a large breed! He loves to play Frisbee, chew on his bully sticks, give high fives, take naps, play with his puppy friends, and go on long walks! He’s 60 pounds now and still growing.

We just want to say again how much we LOVE our baby girl Ryder. She is now 6 months and 43 pounds. She has taken over our hearts (and lives and home) more than we ever thought possible, and we wouldn't have it any other way! We talk almost daily about how it seems she has been in our lives forever, not just a mere 4 months. The love and adoration goes both ways too. She loves her humans and wants to be with us every second that she can. She is so goofy and loves to play (with humans and dogs), but also loves to relax when it's time. We get so many compliments, from daycare, friends and strangers, about how cute she is, obviously, but also what a great energy and playful spirit she has, yet she can also hang on a patio for hours while we spend time with friends. She is an eager learner but has a good dose of Berner in her, and she wants to do things on her own timeline. Lucky for her, her parents are equally stubborn, so we work through what we want her to do. She was really easy to potty train (all things considered)! She has been uncrated since she was 4 months, with very few accidents (both potty and destructiveness). We haven't quite mastered leash etiquette, but we're working on it. We could not have picked a more perfect pup for our family! Thanks to you guys for her genetic make-up and for always being so helpful and responsive!  

We love Nico so much!  We couldn’t ask for a better pup. He fits right in with our senior dog and cats. He is such a sweet, goofy, loving and snuggly 75 lb. dog with a very easy going personality. He especially likes to take naps on pillows. He’s an amazing addition to our family, and we couldn’t imagine life without him.