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Products We Love

Click on any of the products below to be taken to, where you can learn more about each item and purchase directly from Amazon! We have no direct affiliation with any of these companies- we just love these items!

* The first crate listed is for standard Bernedoodles. The second crate listed is for mini/micro Bernedoodles.


Delifurry - Our Chosen Premier Transportation Company

Delifurry is our go-to for transportation within the continental United States. They are professional, reliable, fast, friendly, and truly care for the dogs they transport. Visit their website below to receive a quote and set up transportation for your puppy today!

Baxter & Bella Online Puppy School

Use code 'LBD25' for 25% off!

We are super excited to announce that we have partnered with BAXTER & Bella, an online training website, to offer y'all 25% off their services! This website offers everything you need in order to achieve better animal ownership and experience the very best in canine companionship, including all of their training methods, materials and resources! They change a ONE-TIME fee for LIFETIME access to training videos, live sessions, podcasts, articles/resources, and even access to a live trainer to answer questions and work on problems with you and your dog if you need it! This is an AWESOME resource to have, especially if you're busy with kids in after-school activities and making it to a training class in traffic every week is hard.

This website offers more than just training. It will also go over what to expect from a new puppy (do all puppies bite this much? he can only go 20 minutes without peeing - is that normal? etc.) in a new place (why isn't he eating every meal? is he drinking enough water? why is he sleeping so much? is all this normal in the first 2-3 days? etc.). They also go over how to introduce your pup to new surfaces and when to do it so they GROW and FLOURISH during their "fear" period to become confident, self-assured dogs instead of timid/anxious dogs. We get them started on this while they're with us with Puppy Culture, but it's important to continue when they go home! The first few months they're with you are still very important for forming their personalities. 


They also have a great unit on preparing for your new puppy, including helpful checklists and so much more. Here's the link for more info:

Lonestar Bernedoodles


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